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More companies are realizing that running an in-house mail solution is not worth the cost or the effort. Running an email server requires constant upgrades and maintenance which means more IT manpower and higher costs with no real world advantages.

Email is the most defining feature of Smart phones because more people are using email to stay connected than ever before. If you choose the right email solution, you can check your corporate email remotely, update your calendar, and add new to do's as well as other collaborative activities.

These updates are sent back within seconds to your company's server so that when you're back at your desk you can rest assured that the data on your mailbox will be the same as on your Smart Phone because both devices will be synced up, Opt for Mobility Enabled Mailing Solution

Choose your business email hosting platform; decide whether you require a dedicated mail server or a virtualized solution and BDM INFOTECH will give you the best business email solution in the business.

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