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One of the most common types of dynamic web pages is the database driven type. This means that you have a web page that grabs information from a database (the web page is connected to the database by programming) and insert that information into the web page each time it is loaded.

Database driven websites enables changes to be made to websites dynamically without requiring any in depth knowledge of programming.

The whole idea of a database driven web site is to allow the content of the site to reside in a database, and for that content to be pulled from the database dynamically to create web pages for people to view with a regular web browser. So, at one end of the system you have a visitor to your site who uses a web browser to request a page, and expects to receive a standard HTML document in return.

Why Database Driven services:

The Database driven sites are needed if you want to change your web site information very often, just like shopping sites, content management sites, social networking sites, entertainment sites, information sites, Blogs and Forums, Products application, Institute Management, Data Entry Application etc.

Built numerous websites for clients allowing them to manage the content of their websites by themselves. Some websitesthat have constantly changing information such as News Paper websites, Ecommerce websites utilize such content management systems that are database driven.

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