why us ?

We provide all the services that a company needs to get online, from web designing to web hosting and above all website promotion in Google / Yahoo / MSN

We Build Powerful Websites

If you need a site with all the bells and whistles, contact BDM INFOTECH. Database integration, video, audio, e-commerce no problem.

We Emphasize Simplicity

Some firms love to build complicated sites. Not us. We choose the simplest tool that will effectively accomplish a task. Simple sites load faster, are easy to use and are less prone to problems.

We're Affordable

Our Design has very low overhead. No fancy office in Bulkhead, no snooty receptionist, no latte-sipping sales weasels.
Just hard-working Internet professionals chained to their computers. Just kidding. They're not really chained to their computers. They're chained to their desks.

We Are Friendly

Most of our clients have fun working with us. We make the web development process easy and pleasant. We speak in plain English, not techno-babble. And we love what we do for a living.

We Only Charge You When We Do Work For You

Seems kinda obvious, right? Ask other web developers -- some insist on maintenance contracts that require you to pay them even when you don't need any work on your site.

lets work together on your next project

Get unlimited possibilies to customize the look of your website. With BDM Infotech you have control on each & every element, shortcode & page layout. And the best thing is : it is extremly easy to use.

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